In close cooperation with the furniture company «MOX», I developed a strategy for a new approach in the existing product range.

My contribution continues with the core value of «MOX», making flexible and slightly unconventional furniture. But while chrome-plated tubes were used a lot, I directed towards an up to date look with the use of wood, which feels warm and natural. I oppose the idea to define specific uses of products. A variable and mobile structure that offers many possibilities is what I pursue.

After successful launch at furniture fairs such at «Neue Räume Zürich» and «IMM Cologne», serial production was actuated. Throughout the process, optimisation for packaging was important. «Storch» is available for purchase in various design stores across the globe.

retailed by mox
Wohnrevue 9/2011

In the collection of Design Museum für Gestaltung Zürich

exhibited at:
Blickfang ZH 11
Neue Räume ZH 11
IMM Cologne 12


Nando Schmidlin
August 2010 commissioned by MOX