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MOX Design Strategy

I have for a long time collaborated with the Zurich based company MOX on diverse projects. They released three furniture designs I made specifically for them. I am responsible for their annual brochure, now 4 times in a row. A slight redesign of their cardboard packaging was based on my thoughts. Throughout the years, our collaboration has been very good and I enjoyed being such an important part of the company.

As a small company, MOX finds itself in the influence of its context, rather than dictating it. They managed this challenge quite well and built a loyal costumer base. Selling design furniture, MOX is responding to current trends but made a name for different, simple pieces away from worn-out paths. They are slowly but constantly adapting their overall appearance to this profile. In a workshop, we sharpened their vision and defined the next steps.

Foregoing, I made a design audit based on their current situation and defined different scenarios regarding current mega trends and their respective anti trends. In the workshop, we sketched out a visual language and its impact on the different business divisions. This led to a short ideation session where we discussed future products.

Currently, the detailed impacts are in the stage of implementation and the next workshop, which is already in planning, will bring the insights further.

# 2016, Client: MOX AG