kleine Brüder

In an art exchange project, we worked together with 16 individuals. Each of them created a small booklet in the size of DIN A6. The topic could be chosen freely, but we were looking after them every once in a while. When everyone was ready, we held a vernissage where the creators met and presented their work.

# 2014
# in collaboration with Lukas Meyer


List of artists:

Lucien Wampfler * Lukas Kurmann * Sophia Schlüter * Katharina & Lydia Sautter * Paul Brunner * Dorothea Mildenberger * Helene Mildenberger * Malin Widén * Mik Matter * Gjon David * Samuele Tirendi * Livia Enderli * Annina & Silja Meyer * Lisa Ochsenbein * Nicolas Mangold * Tobias Gutmann * Verlag Lukas Meyer & Nando Schmidlin