Redesign Handydoktor

Philip had been running Handydoktor GmbH for several years and it had grown into a mature business offering mobile phone related repair services in currently 7 cities across switzerland. He approached me with the wish to update their current identity. For a long time, their brand has been untouched. It looked outdated and was not responsive. As a company that offers mobile phone repairs, the onboarding process is really the core of their service. Their existing online presence did not have a clear call for action and was cluttered. Not a great experience if you just dropped your phone and were looking for a screen replacement.

At the very beginning it became clear that the brand values had to be better defined and that little tweaks would not be enough to differentiate the service from the strong and upcoming competitors. The first step was therefore to create a clear vision whereof the redesign of their website is only the first step. The created brand book is the outcome of that.

The new website makes it easy to find the price of any repair and to book a timeslot, also on mobile devices. Additionally, their offering is communicated more clearly and their brand messages such as reliability and quality are put to the front. Their logo was updated to have a clean and precise look.

The new brand, even though it links to the old identity in many ways, is much more modern and up to date. This requires a careful implementation, probably in parts, and this process is still ongoing.

# 2015, Client: Handydoktor GmbH