The IDBM Industry Project

As a main part of my Master Studies, a team of five students from different backgrounds work one year on a task, given by an industry partner. As our case company seeks to implement our proposal in the near future, not much can be said about the outcomes we produce.

However, I would like to present some insights of the way we work together in this highly diverse team. From the very beginning, it has been very important to us to create a relaxed and open atmosphere. Our process is very flexible and discussable. We focus on using the latest research on design led strategies.

Our first step was an extensive analysis of the current processes used by our client, from how their user experience is managed to how they source and sell their products. A 60 pages report covers these insights. In a recent field trip to the United States, we were able to identify 7 key themes of upcoming businesses. A potential mapping revealed the challenges and opportunities regarding our company and how these themes relate to the situation in Northern Europe. A week long ideation workshop gave us the working material to form and improve our concept, that will finally be presented to our client in May, after being tested, prototyped and improved.

To see the final outcome of our project, visit us on May 18 in Helsinki!

# 2016, Aalto University Helsinki